tjbenator #31 Kiwi Scored!
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5 years ago
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<MC> Warrada: attention everyone.
<MC> Warrada: kiwi scored tonight.
<FTB> tj: lol?
<MC> cedicine: great1
<FTB> AussieMCer2000: huh?
<MC> Moosaroo: Wooo! Kiwi!
<MC> Warrada: more news in 45 mins
<MC> AaronMcH: if boots gets away with that type of stuff, and others see it e.g. builders
<MC> cedicine: lets throw him a party
<MC> AaronMcH: it creates the wrong impressions and becomes common place
<MC> AaronMcH: which we do not want
<MC> CjayJenkins: yay, i did it \
<MC> AaronMcH: yay :?D
<MC> CjayJenkins: \(^^)/
<MC> cedicine: wait
<MC> AaronMcH: *:D
<MC> cedicine: "kiwi scored tonight"
<MC> AaronMcH: lol?
<MC> cedicine: cjay"yay, i did it"
<MC> Warrada: LOL
<MC> Moosaroo: yeah, i just pieced that together too
<MC> cedicine: HAHA
<MC> Warrada: Oh man
<MC> AaronMcH: LOL
<MC> CjayJenkins: .. that was HORRIBLE timing
<MC> Moosaroo: oh...oh no
<MC> Moosaroo: must...not...say....
<MC> CjayJenkins: lol
<FTB> tj: XD
<MC> Moosaroo: nooooooo
<MC> Moosaroo: fear is the mind killer!
<MC> Moosaroo: no
<MC> Warrada: for the record, kiwi scored in football
<MC> Warrada: I just want to have friends and be funny :[
<FTB> AussieMCer2000: ok
<MC> Warrada: lol
<MC> cedicine: LOL!
* englishkiwi has joined #serenitygames
<MC> Moosaroo: you have friends Warrada
<englishkiwi> you wish cjay
<MC> Moosaroo: keep working on the funny part
<MC> Warrada: XD
* englishkiwi has quit
<MC> CjayJenkins: psh..
<MC> AaronMcH: hey kiwi
<MC> Warrada: Owned haha
<MC> CjayJenkins: he wished i was talking about him </3
<MC> AaronMcH: LOL
tjbenator #38 Vent Pron
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5 years ago
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[B] Roblo: You should make a porn channel on ventrilo, so you can hear masturbating and stuff
[B] Roblo: der
AaronMcH #48 Boxman is a ...
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5 years ago
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[17:24:20] plainguym: Boxman is a jackass
Bbaass_TMH #13 We Judge
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5 years ago
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>>> Welcome our guest, GoldenMajic.
[GoldenMajic] hi i am from planetminecraft
[Bbaass] Ofcourse you are
[Doomworks] Fuck off Majic
[GoldenMajic] ?
[Doomworks] Right now
[GoldenMajic] hat did i do?
[Doomworks] Go
[GoldenMajic] ok
<<< GoldenMajic has left the server.
tjbenator #47 Kangaroos
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5 years ago
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<tjbenator> Darklord is ignoring me on skype D: 
<FTB> PredAtorXiL: im at my home
<FTB> Fisk: Don't be silly tj
<FTB> Fisk: Darklord is a kangaroo
<FTB> Fisk: Kangaroos can't use skype
<tjbenator> oh
<tjbenator> thats why
<tjbenator> :D
<FTB> Fisk: :P
Bbaass_TMH #49 Timestamps
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5 years ago
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[20:51:29] Bbaass: ik
[20:52:55] Bbaass: Sometimes I'm too stubborn when trying to fix stuff..
[20:53:06] Bbaass: 20:52, haven't had dinner yet
[20:53:09] Bbaass: >.<
[20:53:12] cedicine: lol!
[20:53:17] Bbaass: infact
[20:53:22] cedicine: i get like that
[20:53:24] Bbaass: store closes in 9 minutes
[20:53:31] Bbaass: Haven't BOUGHT dinner yet
[20:53:34] cedicine: gogo, breat your record!
[20:53:36] cedicine: beat*
[20:53:37] Bbaass: xD
[21:05:22] Bbaass: Store closing time: 21:00
[21:05:29] Bbaass: Timestamp on receipt: 21:00
[21:05:36] cedicine: HAHA!
[21:05:40] cedicine: fucking yeah xD
Ben #56 Plain turning A/C into...
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4 years ago
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[23:42] <@FTB> Plain: I'm actually going to be aquiring my parents business in the next ten years
[23:42] <@MC> MLB: danke dark
[23:42] <@FTB> Fisk: Sorry bro, Sydney > Melbourne
[23:42] <@FTB> Plain: the A/C one
[23:42] <~darklord636> Melbourne is nice. Sydney is alright. Though Sydney is 3 hours away, Melbourne is 7-8
[23:42] <@MC> MLB: lol
[23:42] <gigglez> It is a multi Billon dollar business
[23:42] <~darklord636> I would possibly prefer Melbourne, if i were to move
[23:42] <@MC> MLB: Fisk, this war between our cities is so old
[23:42] <@FTB> Plain: so is porn!
[23:42] <~darklord636> But, would all depend
[23:42] <@FTB> Plain: change of direction
[23:42] <@MC> MLB: they had to build a new city for the capital because of it xD
[23:42] <gigglez> What I do is legit though Plain.
[23:42] <@FTB> Plain: I'm going to start directing porn!
[23:42] <@FTB> Plain: xD
Yusei69 #76 Yusei's "Experiment"
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4 years ago
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<@MC> Yusei69: I have an idea! / I'm bored...
@MC has quit.
Bbaass_TMH #7 random sex
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5 years ago
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[Plain] just because I like to have sex with random biomes, doesn't mean I keep track of the children
Ben #35 A "minecraft"
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5 years ago
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[] Boz14: Whats a "minecraft"?
[M] Yusei69: its like legos but you cant step on them