AaronMcH #203 Surprised much?!
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3 years ago
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AaronMcH: donutgirl337 have you voted today? :o
harry: :o
Matt: :o
AaronMcH: :o
_O11l: :o
donutgirl337: :oooooooooooo
Matt: :o
Matt: :O
harry: :()
harry: :D
donutgirl337: :0000000000000000000000
Matt: :o
AaronMcH #201 How do you spell...
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3 years ago
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Aaron: Guys, how do you spell desert
Aaron: but not desert, de-s-ert
Aaron: I think it's decert
Cory: Desert as in sandy place?
Aaron: no desert, as in food time
Carl: dessert
Aaron: THAT'S IT
Aaron: lol
Carl: :cake:
Aaron: Yes cake, pie, etc
Cory: You could have googled that dude
Aaron: I tried lol
Aaron: All it gave me was desert
Doomworks #199 Webdev rule #1
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3 years ago
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<AaronMch>: oh ssl certificate broken, clear cache, oh website down, clear cache, oh your legs broken, clear cache
AaronMcH #197 Cat walking!
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3 years ago
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Kyolie102: Well, my cat is asking to go for a walk. I'll bbl I guess. Bye all
plainguym: cya
Rithrin: cat.... walk....
DarkN00b: l8r
Rithrin: needs human?
Rithrin: wtf!
Kyolie102: Yes, he's leash trained lol
DarkN00b: Yup. Her cat likes walks. On a leash.
Rithrin: crazys
Rithrin: cats are food not friends
Kyolie102: lol
Rithrin: i bet they'd poop on my lawn if i had one
Doomworks #195 Timezonist
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3 years ago
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[AaronLee]: Don't be a timezone racist.
tjbenator #194 Make love to me
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4 years ago
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Doomworks: penguin, make love to me
penguin: DIAF
Doomworks: penguin, make love to Moose 
penguin: Doomworks: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)
Doomworks: penguin, make love to Rithrin 
penguin: Let's not go there. It's a silly place.
tjbenator #193 Roulette
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4 years ago
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tjbenator: .roulette
herobrine: tjbenator: *TICK*
Doomworks: .roulette
herobrine: Doomworks: *TICK*
tjbenator: penguin: roulette <reply> .roulette
penguin: Okay, tjbenator.
tjbenator: roulette
penguin: .roulette
herobrine: penguin: *TICK*
---> komilatte has joined #neweden
komilatte: .roulette
* herobrine has kicked komilatte from #neweden (*SNIPED! YOU LOSE!*)
komilatte: o darn
tjbenator #192 Who needs girls
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4 years ago
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tjbenator: Why am I looking at SSD's now
tjbenator: WHY
komilatte: bcuz
komilatte: $$$$$
tjbenator: Now I want QQ
Moose: cause you have a problem?
tjbenator: I'm not gonna lie
tjbenator: I have a problem
tjbenator: The SSD is probably cheaper then a girl friend ;D
Moose: it is, and you'll probably get as much sex out of it
Moose: always remember, I offered to teach you
tjbenator: 555MB/s of porn
komilatte: pssh who needs girls
Moose: im sure it'll just be a few more years before Japan has perfected sex robots
komilatte: probably, actually
Moose: hell the only thing thats probably slowing them down is they keep halting development to add tentacles somewhere
tjbenator: lol
herobrine: haha
komilatte: whatever tickles your pickle
AaronMcH #190 Ping pong
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4 years ago
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<AaronMcH> ping
<penguin> PONG!
<AaronMcH> ping
<penguin> PONG!
<AaronMcH> ping
<penguin> PONG!
<AaronMcH> ping
<penguin> What are you, a submarine?
<AaronMcH> lol
AaronMcH #187 Did it disappear?
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4 years ago
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<tjbenator> We should start calling you Micheal
<Michael> nein
<tjbenator> what ever, Michelle
<Michael> I'm not a female.
<AaronMcH> really
<penguin> HELL YEAH
<AaronMcH> are you sure
<Michael> yes
<AaronMcH> when was the last time you checked?
<Michael> I have a penis
<tjbenator> *inverted penis
<Michael> i checked an hour ago
<tjbenator> wait wait wait
<Michael> i had balls and everything
<AaronMcH> and how did it look, convex or concave?
<tjbenator> You had to check?
<tjbenator> You thought it disappeared?
<AaronMcH> LOL
<Michael> damnit
* penguin takes quarter from Michael and places it the swear jar.
<Michael> this is going on quotinator... isn't it...
<tjbenator> It might be, Michelle