AaronMcH #221 The IKEA of Programming
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8 months ago
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Rex: what
Mj "Whiskey" B: assembly language
Rex: soooooo ikea?
Rex: :P
Mj "Whiskey" B: its the ikea of programming
Rex: o god
Mj "Whiskey" B: except good
OSTycoon #217 On Par
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10 months ago
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AaronMcHale: Want to watch me open my mail?
OSTycoon: No
AaronMcH #215 Who needs muscle
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11 months ago
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rithrin: i have a tazzar, pepper spray and a gun
rithrin: i dont need muscle
Aaron: LOL
AaronMcH #214 At least it's free...
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1 year ago
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Aaron: "They say the Scots have a good sense of humour, that's only because it's free"
MjB: I have crippling depression
Aaron: At least it's free
AaronMcH #213 A pair of melons
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1 year ago
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Server> Aaron: piggy
Aaron: I'm out of melons
AlmightyWarPig: Yes?
AlmightyWarPig: Oh
AlmightyWarPig: Rip
* Aaron slapped AlmightyWarPig
AlmightyWarPig: Yes mummy
AlmightyWarPig: Er
Aaron: that's cause he wouldn't feed me melons
AM2312: WTF XD
AM2312: oh
AlmightyWarPig: I have melons
AM2312: piggy
Aaron: you weren't quick enough XD
AM2312: he wants your melons
AlmightyWarPig: Let me finish smelting
CreeperChick01: ive got a pair of melons
AM2312: XD
Aaron: I bet you do XD
CreeperChick01: XD
AaronMcH #212 Being bold
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1 year ago
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Rithrin: quotinator.net/6
Rithrin: im still mean to you
Rithrin: ced never managed to change my ways
AaronMcH: I don't even remember how that came about
Rithrin: i was probaly being a bully
AaronMcH: that was back when we had 3 servers and a Serenity
AaronMcH: probably, but then I'd just tell you to shut the fuck up and suck a dress XD
Rithrin: back den you wernt so bold
AaronMcH #211 "Ass"ets
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1 year ago
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AaronMcH: have you ever noticed you can't spell assets without spelling ass
Rithrin: .......
Rithrin: get out
AaronMcH: XD
Rithrin: or i'll slap you with some assests
AaronMcH: I might enjoy it!
AaronMcH: What do your assets think of that then!
AaronMcH #210 Be careful what you wish for...
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1 year ago
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Rithrin: the public are perfectly safe clearly...
inv41idu53rn4m3: Hey let's add a roulette plugin
AaronMcH: why were you walking around carrying a gun anwyay?
AaronMcH: herobrine had that at one point in IRC
Rithrin: have been convering a lunch shift for 4 hours most of the summer
Rithrin: derpy aaron missed to many conversations
AaronMcH: most I read
inv41idu53rn4m3: Something where you can only use the command if someone else has, and when you do it you have on 3/9 chance of dying and 1/9 chance of getting something
AaronMcH: can the "getting something" be something from your inventory XD
inv41idu53rn4m3: Yeah let's make it so that the winner gets one random item from my inventory
inv41idu53rn4m3: :P
AaronMcH: Good, then it will be done!
Eleven #209 Hard as fuck
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1 year ago
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This level is pretty high on the hard as fuck scale. On a scale from zero to hard as fuck... it's probably hard as fuck
AaronMcH #208 I've met...
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1 year ago
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donutgirl337: i'm related to the prime minister of ireland
AaronMcH: k, pics or it didn't happen :P
donutgirl337: huh
donutgirl337: I haven't met him yet
donutgirl337: i've met his brother
AaronMcH: well... I met a prince, so take that :P
donutgirl337: well, cool
harry: i've met...
harry: your mom!
penguin: Your Gran!
harry: sorry couldnt help it
donutgirl337: xD
AaronMcH: lol penguin