AaronMcH #227 Not the day you thought it was
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1 year ago
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Luna: happy tuesday
aaron: You know what the strongest way of making memorable passwords is
aaron: It’s Wednesday Luna lol
Luna: Writing them down?
Luna: wait
Luna: WHAT
Luna: ?
aaron: Yeah lol
Luna: FUCK
aaron: LOL
MattJoeP: Fucking hell!
MattJoeP: That's brilliant!
Luna: there goes more of my college gpa down
aaron: Sitting here on a packed train laughing my ass off
MattJoeP: Not surprised
Luna: ffs
Luna: i hope I dont get my ass handed to me
MattJoeP: My dog is just looking at me now...
aaron: Lololololololol
AaronMcH #226 Who wants to see a bleeding toe
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2 years ago
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Donut: Who wants to see a bleeding toe
RoxykinsIII: not me
_TechNick_: not me
Sayu: not me
Harry: not me
FishStickMystic: not me
emmacoro: not me
AaronMcH #225 Do you have a saddle?
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2 years ago
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HYENAMOOCOW: harry do u have a saddle?
Harry: ill check in a bit
Aaron: I'm harry's saddle
Harry: why the hell would i sit on you O.o
Luna: wew
Luna: wrong time to check discord lol
Aaron: because like a saddle I'm hard and keep you balanaced
Luna: aaron plz
Harry: i would slap u rn
Aaron: would you like me to bend over?
Harry: .-.
Luna: xD
Aaron: slap that ass, slap that ass XD
Luna #224 I WILL END YOU!
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2 years ago
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One day Luna's sister was mowing the lawn and Luna got up and started yelling at her. At the very end of the argument, Luna realised that she left her mic on and everyone heard Luna scream "I WILL END YOU!1!11!" Everyone laughed and that was it.
AaronMcH #223 He's building the big one!
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2 years ago
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Jewitt: I'm building the big one I think
sayukimaNS: yeah that's the big one
sayukimaNS: rip
Jewitt: "building"
Aaron: That's what she said
AaronMcH #222 Balls!
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2 years ago
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cj: guess what
cj: i ordered one of those lame fidget spinners
Aaron: Oh haha
Aaron: I have a stress ball in my desk, doesn't work lol
Donut: Balls
Aaron: no ball, just one
Aaron: singular
Aaron: one ball
Donut: One was cut off
Aaron: I only ever had one :joy:
Donut: Before you bought them
Aaron: one stress ball
Donut: :))
Aaron: just one
Donut: Squishy sweaty stress balls
Aaron: Well I did have two balls, just gave the other one to @cj :joy:
Aaron: now I only have one stress ball
cj: what
Aaron: my dog chewed it once
cj: what ball
cj: o-O
Aaron: Remember I gave you one of my balls :joy:
cj: no
cj: lol
Aaron: oh well
Aaron: It's fine, I only need one
cj: what
cj: the
cj: fuck
Aaron: XD
AaronMcH #221 The IKEA of Programming
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2 years ago
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Rex: what
Mj "Whiskey" B: assembly language
Rex: soooooo ikea?
Rex: :P
Mj "Whiskey" B: its the ikea of programming
Rex: o god
Mj "Whiskey" B: except good
OSTycoon #217 On Par
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2 years ago
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AaronMcHale: Want to watch me open my mail?
OSTycoon: No
AaronMcH #215 Who needs muscle
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2 years ago
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rithrin: i have a tazzar, pepper spray and a gun
rithrin: i dont need muscle
Aaron: LOL
AaronMcH #214 At least it's free...
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2 years ago
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Aaron: "They say the Scots have a good sense of humour, that's only because it's free"
MjB: I have crippling depression
Aaron: At least it's free